miercuri, 10 septembrie 2014

electric soul

It rained today. 
Big, translucid tears felt fastly from the depths of the sky. "Who might be crying there?" I was wondering while I was standing there, with all those rain drops falling on me. I don't have an answer yet. Maybe someday, somehow, I will find it. Till then, I will stand in the rain more often. It felt wet and cold, but somehow it felt good. Like a silent conversation with Mother Nature. But I am still soo little, soo young, with soo many things to learn. And dancing in the rain is one of them, There were no thunders, but there was an electricity in the air and I wished it to come from my soul, but the electricity was in the rain, not in me, not in my veins. I want to dance in the rain, in the rythm of the falling raindrops . I just want to go wild for a minute and simply dance like there is nobody watching, like it's my last chance to dance, to smell the rain and to breathe your unspoken words. Maybe  I don't know much about myself, but I know that I am young, that I have a wild soul and that I want to dance in the rain al least once in this life.  

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