vineri, 14 iulie 2017

let me be everything

Let me go to all the streets I've never been to,
let me dance alone under the brightest sun,
let me walk on the warm sand, under a blue august moon,
let my skin taste the salty water and
my feet meet the seashells and the algae,
let my ears hear the wild waves
and my lungs breathe sun and summer.

Let me taste all the things I've never tasted.
Let me be everything I've never been.
Let me find joy and beauty in every single day.
Let me feel your presence in everything i do, dear God!
Cause you are one for all and the eternal love within me.

(written on 3rd of June
update: I've seen the sea and there remains lots of things to be)

duminică, 18 iunie 2017


What should I do when I' m alone and all my rivers start whispering between their rocks and my veins? Where should I put them when I know that nobody wants to see them? Where should I let them flow?
Yes, inside myself. Between everything they are and everything they're not and everything they're never gonna be. They'll keep running through my body and my soul. Violently and silently. Only I will hear them, only I will tame them, only I will let them be. 
Meanwhile, outside it's raining. 

sâmbătă, 3 iunie 2017

there is sun

One day I'll have a coffee in some beautiful place I've never been too. And it's gonna be great. And I'll keep the sun of that morning forever in my soul. But for now, I keep the sun of my dreams forever in my soul and I enjoy it.

There is sun, outside and within.